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Born on October 19, in Nancy (in Meurthe & Moselle), Ludovic SÉANT, whose real name is Ludovic JACQUEMER, is a Public Personality with multiple activities, a multi-active:

Author Writer, Visual Artist (Illustrator, Sculptor on Clay, Painter on bristol or slate canvas, …), Complementary Actor, …

Thus, since 2009 until today, on honest count, he is known to the general public through passages in participations and invitations in 28 TV programs, 18 radio programs, and, 5 events of sometimes world scale.

Including the Lauriers TV Awards Ceremony. First reality TV award ceremony, during which the media, press, including cameras from many countries were present.

During these TV & Radio shows, he will be invited alongside many other public figures. Such as Kristina Maria, Élodie Gossuin, Marine Boudou, Jean-Pierre Castaldi, Cauet, Nagui, ..., Philippe Candeloro, Patrick Bosso, ... Well others.

Mainly recognized for his time as a candidate, then finalist of the reality TV show, "La Belle & Ses Princes, season 1", this imaginative soul has several strings to his bow, as well as many dream projects. .

Thus, since 2012, he has become an author-writer, first under the pseudonym,

Ludovic SÉANT, is linked via his passion for writing, the publication of 6 books:

   “The Beautiful Adventure” (2012)

   “La Belle Suite” (2014)

   “Orb of a Poetic Past” (2015)

   "The Mystical Creatures: The Heart of Erben" (2015)

   “So Simple Help” (2015)

   “My First Love” (2017)

Then, a 7th work that he produced with four hands with another Author, this one awarded 27 times, Katia LAMBERT.

   "Containment, jams" (2020)

All while resuming from this moment, his real name to write,


(In memory of his parents who died in 2016, then in 2018, for whom he was a family caregiver for 7 years (2011/2018)).

It was from June 2020 that he decided to create his micro-enterprise, "CRÉAGÔNE",

By which, he becomes Plastic Creator, including Clay Sculptor & Illustrator.



In 2021, he released the first volume of "Les Mystiques Créatures", a universe he took 26 years to create:


   "The Mystical Creatures, Volume I,  Waves of Time" (2021)

In May 2022, he finalizes the writing and publishes his 9th book:


   "The Mystical Creatures, Volume II,  Ymir & Bôr, The Legend of the Two Crowns" (2022)


In parallel with these activities, he is a Complementary Actor and was part of the filming,

For the film "Sage-Homme" which will be released in theaters on November 23, 2022.

Currently, he has just made good progress on writing his 10th book and has started writing his 11th.

Volume III of "Les Mystiques Créatures" should be published in 2023.

Volume IV is planned for 2024/2025.

To discover his universe, through his books & his creations, through a whole range of useful information updated by him,   Welcome to his   Official site:

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